Kristi Registry

Serial number - 00155
Model - KT-4
Date of build - 1/30/1965
Engine - 12V CORV
Engine Serial Number - 3830951
Original Location - PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA

Current owner - Rim Country Rescue
Condition of unit - Running and restored in 2007
Intended use - Search and Rescue
Color - Red
Location - Arizona
Previous owners - Tonto Search and Rescue
Other notes - This Kristi has served as a Search and Rescue vehicle for many years.  The hydraulics have been removed but it still goes where other snow cats will not go.  Tonto Rim Search and Rescue Squad purchased this Kristi from Arizone State Patrol and used it for many years, see the archive page here. In 2007, the Rim Country Rescue restored the Kristi KT-4 as noted in the top 4 images. The bottom 5 images were submited by Rim Country Rescue prior to restoration in 2006.

If you are the owner of this Kristi or have a Kristi not listed in the registry, please send an email and we will add information to the Kristi registry. Thanks

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