Delivery of #00106 in 1974

In 1973, Kristi - Washington had run out of money.  The KT7 prototype failed to meet specifications set by the FAA and the contract with the FAA was terminated.  Kristi - Washington was unable to pay its employees back wages for overtime, so shop manager Dwaine Barnes acquired this Kristi as compensation.  Not too long after Kristi closed it doors, Bill Hughes called Dwaine Barnes looking for a Kristi to give to his brother as a gift.

Dwaine offered to refurbish the KT-3 and sell it to Bill Hughes.  Bill Hughes immediately sent a $4000.00 check to Dwaine to get the project started.  Dwaine worked on the rebuild in late 1973 and early 1974.  The Kristi was delivered to Bill Hughes in March of 1974 by Dwaine and his wife.  This would be the last refurbished from Kristi - Washington.


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