Kristi Registry

Serial number - 00135
Model - KT-3
Date of build - 10/13/1964
Engine - 12V VW
Engine Serial Number - 122223
Original Buyer - MOBILITY INC
Original Location - CONCORD, New Hampshire, USA

Current owner - Chris and Gary Roth
Condition of unit - parting out
Intended use - personal
Color - Red
Location - Colorado
Previous owners - unknown
Other notes - This Kristi has been all over the US. Starting out in New Hampshire in 1964, it was repossesed in 1966. The Kristi was resold to Mt Microwave in Denver Colorado in 1966 and was found recently in California. This Kristi is currently being parted out.

If you are the owner of this Kristi or have a Kristi not listed in the registry, please send an email and we will add information to the Kristi registry. Thanks

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